Fly of the Day

It’s been a while since I’ve been over to Montauk, but when a fellow fisherman came to me with advice for streamers on Montauk, I recommended a simple pattern called the Mo-Hair Leech. I’ve caught several fish on this Missouri pattern in several streams, but Montauk is the location where I first used the Mo-Hair Leech. I remember staying up late tying leeches before the second day of our fishing trip because they were so effective and I had run out.

Mike Kruse is the inventor of this fly, and you can find more information on the history of his fly and what materials he first tied it with on this link.

Last winter I took a trip to Montauk and fished the leech and had some success. Here’s some video proof.


When fishing this pattern, I’ve had success a couple different ways. I’ve caught fish stripping the leech across the stream, and swinging the leech. I usually dead drift the fly under an indicator and use it as an attractor pattern when fishing smaller nymphs. I choose to use the Olive Mo-Hair Leech 90% of the time, but if the water gets real muddy, I switch to the black Mo-Hair Leech. When tying the leech, you can add variance to how fast it sinks by adding lead wraps or even a Tungsten bead. You can also add an egg to the front to create a good looking egg-sucking leech pattern.

Head to the Fly Shop page and shoot me an email if you want some leeches tied up.

Happy Fishing!


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