Kansas Adventure

My presentation at K&K Fly Fishers was a success. I provided information for around 25 people to hopefully increase their chance of catching trout upon their arrival to fish in south Missouri. I had several questions about small streams in the area for smallmouth fishing and a few about specific flies I plan to tie for my YouTube channel in the future. I want to thank Kevin Kutz for having me and for all the folks that came and joined us Saturday morning.

The same Adventure was extended as I was accompanied by my father and good friend Graham Scarborough for lunch at Sake Steak and Sushi for the most incredible sushi dish I’ve ever seen. Wonderful lunch with great company. Can’t say I’ve ever seen lights on my plate.

Doug Oatman and Mike George invited me over for some additional time tying as I stepped out of my comfort zone and into the world of salmon flies, “fancy flies,” or shadow box flies. Doug recommended the book Tying the Classic Salmon Fly: A Modern Approach to Traditional Techniques edited by Michael Radencich.

We started into the first section with tinsel, 140 denier thread, ostrich herl, and European silk or Danville’s Radon 300 denier 4 strand thread.

The book goes over the parts of the fly and when and how to tie in certain materials and Doug walked me through the process. Having never tied a salmon fly, I learned a lot about how to choose materials at the shop and what criteria my materials have to meet. Including the fact that goose shoulder has to have equal sides for producing two wings.

These aren’t perfect, but they’re getting better. Ideally all barns would like up at the tips.

Important selection of Golden pheasant crest to allow the ends to meet perfectly for a perfect outline for the wing I was about to make.

Married wings are extremely difficult and I have a new found respect for classic Salmon flies.

Finish with a throat of wood duck flank and a schlappen feather to complete the fly.


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