The Beginning Of The Next Great Adventure!

Those of you that have followed Adam’s Adventures have read about Taneycomo a time or two, and some have even been in attendance for my presentations on this great fishery. This week the fishery provided a new state record Brown trout weighing in at 34 lbs and 10oz for a humble fisherman named Paul Crews. This proves there are some incredibly big trout that inhabit Lake Taneycomo and I’ll bet there are a few more giants in there.

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Photo credit: Duane Doty

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be guiding fishing trips full time on Taneycomo until the end of May. This is the beginning of my next Adventure and I hope to bring you along with me!

James Kerr with a nice Taneycomo Rainbow

I still have some availability in mid March so book your trip today!

Phone: (660)342-5660


Upcoming events:

March 4th- Dallas Fly Fishers club meeting!

“Trout Fishing South Missouri”

March 5th- Fort Worth Fly Fishers International Club meeting!

Featured Fly Tyer

March 28-30th Sowbug Roundup


1 thought on “The Beginning Of The Next Great Adventure!

  1. I fished Tanneycomo yesterday (4/2) with Adam. I met him at Sowbug, in Mountain Home.

    The water was high – 4 flood gates open – and we fished from a drift boat.
    We fished big streamers and I managed to land 3 and lost 3.
    That may not sound like at fantastic day; but it certainly was!
    There is an art to casting big streamers and Adam was kind enough – and patient enough – to
    guide me into an understanding of how to tie and cast them and – more importantly – how
    to catch fish on them!

    If you are used to casting on small creeks and rivers, throwing jigs, midges, dry flies, etc., here is a learning curve to knowing how to cast big streamers how and where to fish them on Tanneycomo. I would not have had the success without Adam.

    He know the river, he knows the streamers, he knows how to catch fish in the worst conditions you can imagine.
    And he knows a darn good barbecue place too!

    Bottom line: with a good guide (I highly recommend Adam) you CAN catch trout in very high water.

    Book a trip with him. You won’t regret it!
    If you want to learn about streamers, this is THE guy!


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