March 7, 2019 on Lake Fork

I was blessed to have received an invitation to fish Lake fork with Ted Warren. Ted is a Casting instructor among other things, and he was nice enough to welcome me into his home and treat me to a day fly fishing Lake Fork which is home to the World Championship bass fly fishing tournament on May 25th.

I was a week or two early for the pre spawn fishing to really ensue, but since I was there we gave it a go. Since we were waiting for the sun to warm things up a bit, there was no rush to get out in the morning so Ted presented me some ideas for flies that should work great in the spring. With my enjoyment of throwing game changers and other streamers we decided to mess around with some different ideas with Blane Cochlettes patterns. Ted had purchased a few commercial tied finesse changers as examples and I travel with an entire fly shop in my car, so we had the tools to get the job done.

The white changer has a milk jug weed guard
The commercially tied white changer next to my olive changer

Spring brings bass up to shallow gravel areas to make beds and just before they begin they can be caught running the shallows in around 2-10 feet of water.

With conventional tackle many catch fish on rattle traps, jigs, and crank baits. Some lures imitate crawfish, and others that imitate baitfish.

We fished through the morning and I caught my first fish in Texas. A Lake Fork bass on a fly rod. The water temperature had dropped about 8-9 degrees over the course of the week. The fish were deep and not interested in moving up yet.

Lake Fork March 7, 2019

We went back for lunch and I was able to sit and tie another fly before we ventured back out on the lake. I realized the fish were going to be deeper, so I tied the same finesse changer as a jigged out changer. Same size and color as before.

I’m extremely excited to fish this pattern once spring hits in Missouri and I plan to tie it in a better color for the season as well.

Here is a sneak peak at the game changer I tied after we got in from the lake that afternoon. As you can see I caught a few trees and decided a weed guard was necessary for these flies especially on Lake Fork.


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