Fish Camp 3/16/19

Mike George and Doug Oatman came down from Kansas City for a weekend of fishing on Taneycomo. Doug had never fished from a drift boat before and I was bound and determined to make it happen. If you don’t know these two guys, they are both accomplished fly tyers and fishing enthusiasts like myself. They don’t stop fishing for lunch. They are also employees of K&K outfitters in Kansas City.

Doug Oatman and guide Adam Pennington

Mike George and guide Adam Pennington

Doug Oatman is a Salmon Fly tyer and a photographer by trade that has produced some incredible flies. These two hobbies can be an awesome combination. He was willing to sit down and teach me the different techniques of tying “fancy flies” and even walked me through my first married wing. Here are some pictures just to prove the beauty of his work and a link to his Etsy where you can purchase his beautiful flies.

Mike George is one of the greatest deer hair tyers in the world. He is the 2015 recipient of the Buz Buszek Award which is the most prestigious award in fly tying. His deer hair sculpture’s are extremely impressive, and he is no stranger of fishing Taneycomo. He has been fishing Taneycomo for years where he used to take family trips with his father and brother every fall and remembers the river and the holes the way they used to be. You can learn a lot from this guy. You can check out his deer hair work on his website.

We had a wonderful adventure and I learned a lot on the river these past couple days. Thanks for coming down gentlemen.


1 thought on “Fish Camp 3/16/19

  1. Anyone planning a float trip on lake Taneycomo needs to contact Adam Pennington and tap into all of his knowledge of the river. Guaranteed to have a great time on the water. He will stop for lunch if you need a break from landing so many fish.


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